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You’re on the run, you’re chasing a feeling - any feeling. You stop to catch your breath. Suddenly, you are on a stage in a body that looks exactly like and nothing like your own. You are surrounded by four peculiar strangers and a cheeky announcer who are trying to conjure something...monumental. And they can’t do it without you.

Using suggestions from the online audience, the cleansing power of running, and some truly excellent music, you join in weaving together tales of terror and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime - whatever that is. Part-poem, part-story, part-something else altogether, this interactive live-online experience asks one question - can you feel it?

NOTE:  A list of objects to bring with you on your search for the sublime (Not strictly required, but definitely experience-enhancing)


In Search of the Sublime is presented virtually. Purchase tickets on the Stage West website. Please purchase a ticket for each individual who will be viewing the performance. Show link will be sent to the email of the purchasing individual.  

Written and directed by:

Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Created by:

Victoria A. Cruz (Poet 2)
Olivia de Guzman (Poet 5)
Kelsey Milbourn (Understudy)
Shyama Nithiananda (Poet 1)
Galen Sho Sato (Poet 4)
Mitchell Stephens (Understudy)
Garret Storms (Poet 3)

Performance Safety:

Working with Stage West, producers of Moonrise Initiative have overseen and continue to oversee the health and safety protocols for all those involved with In Search of the Sublime. Regular testing is a part of the rehearsal and performance plan. Masks are worn at all times with distancing measures in place, with the exception of those who exist in pods together. Those podded individuals may be in close contact with one another. Understudies are in place for all roles including technicians. The working spaces are equipped with HEPA filtration systems and additional stand-alone air filtration systems to provide the cleanest air possible for the safety of all those involved.